We offer a secured credit card payment method or payment via PayPal.
This is done through an encrypted and secure transfer. So, you can pretty much use VISA, MasterCard, American Express or any other card.
We guarantee that the payment is 100% secure.

Return policy – 30 day return policy.

If you are not happy with something you ordered, you have a 30-day window return period after you received the goods.
You always have the right to cancel your purchase if the product is out of stock. 

Naturally, the return policy does not apply if the product has been used. When we get back the goods and found that it is not damaged, we pay within 30 days the amount you paid, minus the shipping cost, if the entire order is returned. 

When you return an order that you have been delivered free of charge, we make a deduction of 7USD for our shipping charge.

Right to exchange / warranty / return

You may change at no charge if you switch to another color or size.

If a product is faulty or wrong we are for postage. Please contact customer service for instructions.

Send no advance.

We can not vouch for example, money, checks and postage stamps sent in letters.

Countries that we ship to.

We ship our products pretty much worldwide. There might be some exceptions due to individual country regulations or similar issues. 

Delivery times.

Your order is always sent as soon as possible, often you have your goods within 3-8 days. However, delivery can take up to two weeks of heavy workload or residual products.